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SLC Agri-Farm Ventures Inc. is committed to deliver extra ordinary eggs with a prolong service from 2010. We are one of the best providers of white poultry eggs, country egg (local egg), duck egg, quail eggs and jumbo egg (extra large chicken egg). Like all other industries we started with a small group of people who had a strong will and mind of hardwork.Now we are one of the Metro Manila's best suppliers of eggs with a large and valuable client list.


We go above and beyond to help support projects and bring them to completion. We set challenging goals and work hard to achieve them. We hold ourselves accountable for achieving our goals.


We always strive to do what is right to create a better future. Sustainability rests on the idea that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It also means that we strive to be the best we can be at work


SLC Agri-Farm Ventures Inc. has an entrepreneurial spirit that is engrained in the business. We are challenging ourselves to continuously improve and to growth, both ourselves and the company


We are at our best when we all pull in the same direction and work together to accomplish our goals. We know working as a team to solve problems and celebrate our successes will help us with our goals. Figuring out the role each person plays and how they fit into the SLC Agri-Farm puzzle helps be a stronger company.

Why ‘Caged Eggs’?

Contrary to popular belief, free-range isn’t always better, particularly when it involves large-scale egg production. In fact, going cage-free comes with a whole lot of risks unprecedented: from hens injuring other hens all the way through to exposure to dangerous wildlife predators and crippling diseases. There are simply higher animal mortality rates without close monitoring and control.

That’s why SLC Agri-Farm Ventures Inc remains true to the caged eggs system. With optimum priority placed on the animals under our care, we have committed years to perfecting the art of hen nutrition, along with a state of the art caged hen production system that is both highly sanitary, safe and tightly monitored.

We keep a close and careful eye on enclosure climate temperatures, animal health, and always provide a clean delivery of food, ensuring healthy hens that produce quality eggs.

The consistent efforts of SLC Agri Farm Ventures Inc have made our farm vastly superior to what you would get in many Free Range operations.

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